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From our Community Outreach Coordinator, Melissa Kennedy Grey: Pet Support Logo

Mia, a tiny 20-year-old Yorkie, came to my attention through social media. Her dad, who adored her very much, was nearing the end of his life and unable to care for Mia the way that she deserved. This was hugely stressful for both him and his family, and an added complication to an already sad and complex situation. The family reached out for help and I've never met a tiny senior dog that I didn't fall in love with and through the magic of social networking, a match was made. 

Mia's family (understandably) wanted to interview all possible adopters to pick the right home for their special girl, and also be able to give their Dad peace of mind. Mia has settled in beautifully and is doted upon by both human and furry inhabitants of her new home. When she arrived, we had decked the halls and hauled out the holly for the holidays, and her favorite spot was under the Christmas tree, gazing up at the twinkling lights. A family member tells us that their Mom and Dad always put up a big tree, and I expect that Mia remembers her family fondly while enjoying the comfort and joy of her new retirement home. 

This journey with both Mia and her family gave me space to think about other families in similar situations. My husband and I would be bereft should something happen that rendered us unable to care for our beloved pets, and we've made it a point to have a support system in place so that we can feel comfortable knowing that our most cherished belongings would be well-tended. For many people, that may not be an option or consideration; it is heartbreaking to have to think about. With Mia and her family as inspiration, I wanted to be able to help. 

I've had the pleasure of working with area animal rescue organizations for over a decade, and have served as a foster home (often in a permanent fashion!) for all manner of creatures, from tiny kittens with cerebellar hypoplasia to senior dogs in hospice care. My hope is to be able to build a bridge between families who need assistance rehoming a beloved pet and resources that help everyone involved make that transition smoothly. Whether it's creating a website for your pet, screening applications for potential adopters, or simply helping family members bring a new pet into their own home once their loved one has passed on, it would be my sincere honor to provide support during this process.

I look forward to working with hospice care workers and families to help support their pets during these difficult times. At the end of the day, we are all walking each other home along this yellow brick road.

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